Saturday, June 25, 2011

11/11/11 = 666 which will mark the end of this corrective wave up.

Although a new moon is coming on July 1st, the first opportunity to trade it will be on July 5th. (weekend/holiday closing)  July 5th aligns proportionally with the current time cycles. I'm expecting a new low intra-day on July 5th and then a turn higher into the final high which will fall within a day either side of 11/11/11.

  I believe the entire move off the 666 lows is corrective with each wave proportionate to the next both in time and price.  In the current cycle the common time factor is revealing itself to be  .556  so if you multiply .556 x 413 days (the duration of the 1st wave up)  you get 213 days. Measuring 213 days from the starting point of the 2nd impulse up takes you to the 3rd wave top on Feb 18, 2011 at 134.53 which is .618 of the 1st wave price.  If you then multiply .556 times 213 (length in days of the 3rd wave) you get 129 days. Now if July 5th does mark the low coming off of the new moon then adding 129 days brings us squarely at 11/11/11 which will mark the top both in time and price.

11/11/11 = 666 when converted from binary,  strange that it is... very strange how things are unfolding.

Not only are the time cycles falling in place perfectly but prices levels are as well. The 1st wave being 52.89 SPY points from the 666 (/es) lows measured  to the April 2010 highs at 121.82  The 2nd impulsive wave was .618 times  the 1st impulse of 52.89 brings us to  32.68.  Adding 32.68 to the the start of wave 3  you arrive at 134.88  I believe 134.53 is the wave 3 high before an irregular flat takes the b wave slightly higher then 134.53 before C starts where we find ourselves now and which should end on July 5th
  (see chart of wave count)

  At this point we don't know what the low price will be for wave 4. I do believe that it will fall on July 5th.  This turning point will begin the final phase up and should measure .618 of  wave 3 price wise or 19.98 SPY points. If I extrapolate forward using 129 days (.556 of the 2nd wave 213, which itself was .556 of the 1st wave 413 days, we get a target top exactly on 11/11/11.

In short, my plan is to cover my shorts and go long July 5th expecting 19 SPY points into the final high off the 666 crash lows.

Below I attached a video of a guy I happened upon on youtube that does a good job of explaining the 666/11 11 11 relationship...very creepy lol.
The chart below that is my own work at trying to visualize where we are..